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From big city to the village and later ended up with the ISLAND.|

Hey! I am Katya and I am 47 years old.
The pandemic took away everything I owned — my business, my
home, and my previous LIFESTYLE

Before the pandemic, I've been an architect, professional polo player and loved and loving wife.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, I had become a… wait, let me tell you my story step by step.
See my full story bellow...

I'm Russian from Spain. In January 2020, my family returned from Singapore, where my children and I caught the coronavirus, which brought our lives to a complete standstill... and later we were quarantined.

My life have started to take an unexpected turns in March 2020, and for a year, we have hardly left the house.
In the first 4 months I lost absolutely EVERYTHING and EVERYONE... all investments collapsed, banks robbed us, friends disappeared from the horizon. My life fell apart.

BUT, once, there was some kind of a change in my consciousness and I made a decision to take everything into my own hands, start my life from 0 and move to live in the MOUNTAINS, closer to Mother nature.

I moved to the mountains in the South of Spain.
For a year, I lived in a mountain monastery with my 3 children; surrounded by goats and horses; and by eating fresh vegetables from the garden.

At that time, I lived a conscious life and was in search of my own life path and myself.
There were days when there was nothing to eat…days when I was crying at nights… when I wanted to lie down and never get up again...At the same time, those days were one of the happiest in my life.
Within a year, quarantine was not over in Spain, so, I made a decision to move to one of the 17,000 islands in Indonesia. This have drastically changed my life.

I had sold my car and some of my belongings, and turned a route to the unknown with my 3 children.
Now I live in Bali. In the heart of the jungle; swimming in waterfalls and eating fruits directly from the tree. Now, iguanas and monkeys are my pets.

In my 47, I have started my life from 0, and I am not afraid of it. Island have inspired me to create the unique aprons. And this is just a beginning, as I have
a lot of ideas to realize.
This is not a "cute pink instagram story" but a blog which tells you how not to give up, how to go above stereotypes, rumors and difficulties.

Do you want to watch this film with me? Unfortunately, my blog is now in Russian only. However, we have online translators, which would be very helpful, is not it?