To book a shoot, please transfer a deposit of 100 euros.
The rest of the payment is due immediately after the shoot.
I will start working on the selection of your individual style, location, image, light and make-up style.

If the shooting is cancelled, the deposit will not be refunded. It takes me 3 hours to collect references and this is also my job and time.
You can reschedule the shooting 1 time, warning me 48 hours in advance.
As soon as we decided on the deposit. I will start to collect information about you. Your preferences and desires. We discuss your wishes, fears, dreams and everything that you were afraid to ask, but really wanted to!
We discuss images and I make you an offer. I select references for you.
After discussing the references, I can offer you my wardrobe. If the size or selection does not suit you and you have the style we need, then I will ask you to find the look you like in your wardrobe. Or buy it for the shoot.
Before shooting, I will ask you to moisturize your face twice.
I will also ask you to listen to my advice on the color of the manicure and pedicure.
Please do not bring husbands, mothers, children and animals with you for the photo shoot . You CANNOT switch off and relax if they look at you . You'll be nervous, thinking about what they think, and we'll be wasting my time and your money .
Recently I DO NOT USE makeup artist
If you decide to book a make up artist, please calculate your time to arrive on shooting ONTIME
The time for applying makeup and working with a hairstylist is 1.5 hours.
Shooting time is 1-3 hours depending on the selected package.
Use your makeup artist or makeup your self, for me it's not important.
On the same day, I will send 2-3 photos from the shoot. You will receive the retouched shots in 7 days.
Usually it's 15 retouched photos + all successful shots without retouching about 20.
If you want to make additional retouching shots you can order them from me for an additional fee of 6€ per photo.
Shooting takes place in complete relaxation. With good music and nice atmosphere. I am not against the presence of champagne or wine at the photoshoot if the client requests so.
If you give me permission to post your photos on my social networks, I make an additional 5 retouched photos. Please discuss this with me in advance.
I always ask you to trust me in what I do and what I ask for. Read the comments on my instagram and you will understand WHY!
For questions or suggestions I would gladly agree to discuss with you.
You can download PDF with ruls on your phone
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